Tribute to Steve Irwin

Well for those of you that havn’t figured out september 4th was a day that made every single person on earth shed a tear, because steve irwin (crocdile hunter) died instently after a sting rays barp pierced his heart 😥 . It just completly devistated me. I’ve never seen a single person who didnt like him. He is the best person ever, and will be missed.

                                                                    Steve Irwin 1944-2006      Will miss ya mate! R.I.P



Sorry people that I havent done a blog in a while, well any way I need some help. How do you get videos from to plz help me out here 🙂


Its my 13th birthday today (september 24th) but i cant really celibrate because my mom’s in the hospital (nothing serious) but its gonna be a while before i can get any thing 😦 oh well                                                                Later…..


Disturbed is the BEST BAND EVER!!! its a heavy metal rock band that is really good. I think there best song is called “down with the sickness” its a good song and if ya want to visit there site go to  and find this one song call “land of confusion” that they did.


This is my first blog.YAY! I did this so i can finally well umm… blog i guess. Im really really really glad to be in the blog world 🙂 I look forward to writing more posts.